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1 each one of or all (of a certain number): “Every room is painted white”

2 each (of an indefinite number or series): “Every hour brought the two countries nearer war”

3 the most absolute or complete possible: “We have every reason to believe that she will get better.”

4 used to show repetition after certain intervals of time or space: “I go to the supermarket every four or five days”
om de

'everybody (pronoun)

every person: “Everyone thinks I'm right.”

'everyday (Bijvoeglijk naamwoord)

1 happening, done used etc daily: “her everyday duties.”

2 common or usual: “an everyday event.”

'everything (pronoun)

all things: “Have you everything you want?”

'everywhere (Bijwoord)

(in or to) every place: “The flies are everywhere”

every bit as

just as: “You're every bit as clever as he is.”
precies zo

every now and then / every now and again / every so often

occasionally: “We get a letter from him every now and then.”
af en toe

every time

1 always; invariably: “We use this method every time.”
elke keer

2 whenever: “Every time he comes, we quarrel.”
elke keer

everybody, ~everyone are singular: Everybody is (not are) tired / Everyone should buy his own ticket.
see also their.

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Overige bronnen
every iedere ; iedereen ; elk ; allen ; elkeen ; ieder ; elke ; al de ; al het ; alleman ; een ieder ; alle
Bronnen: MWB; interglot; Wakefield genealogy pages; Trueterm

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EN: every other day NL: om de andere dag
EN: every three days NL: om de 3 dagen
EN: every now and then, every now and again NL: telkens
EN: every so often NL: nu en dan
EN: he's his father, every bit NL: hij is precies, volkomen zijn vader

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