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1 (the ground beside) an edge, border or boundary line: “He walked round the side of the field”

2 a surface of something: “A cube has six sides.”

3 one of the two of such surfaces which are not the top, bottom, front, or back: “There is a label on the side of the box.”

4 either surface of a piece of paper, cloth etc: “Don't waste paper †“ write on both sides!”

5 the right or left part of the body: “I've got a pain in my side.”

6 a part or division of a town etc: “He lives on the north side of the town.”

7 a slope (of a hill): “a mountain-side.”

8 a point of view; an aspect: “We must look at all sides of the problem.”

9 a party, team etc which is opposing another: “Whose side are you on?”
additional, but less important: “a side issue.”


(the ground etc beside) the edge of something: “He walked along the dockside/quayside”


having (a certain number or type of) sides: “a four-sided figure.”

'sidelong (adjectiv)

from or to the side; not directly: “a sidelong glance”

'sideways (adjectiv)

to or towards one side: “He moved sideways”

'sideburns (noun plural)

the usually short hair grown on the side of a man's face in front of the ears.

side effect

an additional (often bad) effect of a drug etc: “These pills have unpleasant side effects.”

'sidelight (Zelfstandig naamwoord)

a light fixed to the side, or at the side of the front or back, of a car, boat etc: “He switched his sidelights on when it began to get dark.”

'sideline (Zelfstandig naamwoord)

1 a business etc carried on outside one's regular job or activity: “He runs a mail-order business as a sideline.”

2 the line marking one of the long edges of a football pitch etc.

'sidelines (noun plural)

the position or point of view of a person not actually taking part in a sport, argument etc: “He threw in the occasional suggestion from the sidelines.”

side road

a small, minor road.

'sidestep (Werkwoord)

1 to step to one side: “He sidestepped as his attacker tried to grab him.”

2 to avoid: “to sidestep a problem.”

'side-street (Zelfstandig naamwoord)

a small, minor street: “The man ran down a side-street and disappeared.”

'sidetrack (Werkwoord)

to turn (a person) aside from what he was about to do: “I intended to write letters this evening, but was sidetracked into going to the pictures instead.”
op een zijspoor brengen

'sidewalk (Zelfstandig naamwoord)

(American) a pavement or footpath.

from all sides

from every direction: “People were running towards him from all sides.”
van alle kanten

on all sides

all around: “With enemies on all sides, we were trapped.”
aan alle kanten

side by side

beside one another; close together: “They walked along the street side by side.”
naast elkaar

side with

to give support to in an argument etc: “Don't side with him against us!”
partij kiezen voor

take sides

to choose to support a particular op
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Overige bronnen
to side opzij (ww.) ; zijwaarts (ww.)
the sidede zij (v) ; de kant (m) ; de zijde (v) ; de rand (m) ; de richel ; het elftal ; de zijkant (m) ; de flank ; zijde van een schip (znw.)
side side ; zijwand ; plat ; elf ; bij- ; minder belangrijk ; ver ; zij- ; zijdelings ; partij ; stem ; zijschot ; half vel ; half geslacht dier ; half karkas ; halve huid ; ballonzijde ; zijkant (van de ballon) ; neven- ; houthakkersploeg ; lengtezijde ; zijde ; zij
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EN: side by side NL: naast elkaar
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EN: put on side NL: effect geven NL: z. airs geven

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