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1 a person who lives outside his own country either from choice or because he is forced to do so: “an exile from his native land.”

2 a (usually long) stay in a foreign land (eg as a punishment): “He was sent into exile.”
to send away or banish (a person) from his own country.
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Overige bronnen
to exile uitzetten (ww.) ; uitwijzen (ww.) ; verdrijven (ww.) ; verbannen (ww.) ; wegjagen (ww.) ; verjagen (ww.) ; uitstoten (ww.) ; uitbannen (ww.) ; bezweren (ww.) ; asielzoeker (ww.) ; vluchteling (ww.) ; uitgewekene (ww.) ; refugié (ww.) ; balling (ww.) ; banneling (ww.) ; verstotene (ww.)
the exilede ballingschap (v)
exile verbanning
Bronnen: interglot; Wakefield genealogy pages

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EN: banishment
EN: expatriation
EN: expulsion
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