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Definities in het Frans: encourager (1x)
Vertalingen encourager FR>EN
encourager (ww.)to blow the fire ; to incite ; to encourage someone ; to arouse ; to abet ; to encourage ; to hold a pep-talk ; to urge ; to aggravate ; to fan a flame ; to push on ; to embolden ; to inspire ; to give a pep-talk ; to motivate ; to motivate someone
encourager to boost ; to incentivise ; to encourage
Bronnen: interglot; Wikipedia; Trueterm; Download IATE, European Union, 2017.

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FR: aiguillonner
FR: applaudir
FR: approuver
FR: engager
FR: exciter
FR: exhorter
FR: galvaniser
FR: inciter
FR: pousser
FR: propulser

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