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1 to be dressed in or carry on (a part of) the body: “She wore a white dress”

2 to arrange (one's hair) in a particular way: “She wears her hair in a pony-tail.”

3 to have or show (a particular expression): “She wore an angry expression.”
er uitzien

4 to (cause to) become thinner etc because of use, rubbing etc: “This carpet has worn in several places”

5 to make (a bare patch, a hole etc) by rubbing, use etc: “I've worn a hole in the elbow of my jacket.”

6 to stand up to use: “This material doesn't wear very well.”
tegen slijtage bestand zijn

1 use as clothes etc: “I use this suit for everyday wear”
gebruik, slijtage

2 articles for use as clothes: “casual wear”

3 (sometimeswear and tear) damage due to use: “The hall carpet is showing signs of wear.”

4 ability to withstand use: “There's plenty of wear left in it yet.”

'wearable (Bijvoeglijk naamwoord)

(negativeunwearable) fit to be worn: “My only wearable coat is at the cleaners.”

'wearer (Zelfstandig naamwoord)

: “a dress that makes the wearer feel elegant.”

'wearing (Bijvoeglijk naamwoord)

exhausting: “I've had rather a wearing day.”

worn (Bijvoeglijk naamwoord)

damaged as a result of use: “a badly-worn carpet.”

wear away

to make or become damaged, thinner, smoother etc through use, rubbing etc: “The steps have (been) worn away in places.”

wear off

to become less: “The pain is wearing off.”

wear out

to (cause to) become unfit for further use: “My socks have worn out”

worn out

1 so damaged by use as to be unfit for further use: “These shoes are worn out”

2 very tired: “His wife is worn out after looking after the children.”
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Overige bronnen
to wear dragen (ww.) ; aan hebben (ww.) ; verwachting (ww.) ; zwangerschap (ww.) ; dracht (ww.) ; uitdossing (ww.) ; aanhebben (ww.) ; afslijten (ww.) ; slijten (ww.) ; verslijten (ww.)
the wearde kleding ; het verslijt ; de slijtage (v)
wear brengen ; voeren ; voorhebben ; ophebben ; sleet ; slijtage
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EN: attire
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EN: impairment

Uitdrukkingen en gezegdes
EN: wear a troubled look NL: zorgelijk kijken
EN: will wear for ever NL: gaat nooit kapot
EN: it won't wear very long NL: het zal niet lang meegaan
EN: I won't wear it NL: dat neem ik niet
EN: wear away NL: uitwissen NL: uitslijten, afslijten NL: (van tijd) omkruipen
EN: wear down NL: (af)slijten NL: afmatten NL: geleidelijk overwinnen
EN: wear off NL: (doen) slijten NL: (doen) afslijten NL: er af gaan
EN: wear on NL: vorderen NL: voorbijgaan
EN: wear out NL: (ver)slijten NL: afdragen NL: uitputten

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