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1 the number of occasions within a given period of time when something happens or is done: “a high (monthly) accident rate in a factory.”

2 the number or amount of something (in relation to something else); a ratio: “There was a failure rate of one pupil in ten in the exam.”

3 the speed with which something happens or is done: “He works at a tremendous rate”

4 the level (of pay), cost etc (of or for something): “What is the rate of pay for this job?”

5 (usually in plural) a tax, especially, in United Kingdom, paid by house-owners etc to help with the running of their town etc.
to estimate or be estimated, with regard to worth, merit, value etc: “I don't rate this book very highly”
schatten, geschat worden

'rating (Zelfstandig naamwoord)

1 (usually in plural) the position of importance, popularity etc (of a person, thing etc): “This television programme has had some very bad ratings recently.”
waarderingscijfer; kijkcijfer

2 an ordinary sailor, as opposed to an officer.

at this

if this or if that is the case; if this or if that continues: “He says that he isn't sure whether we'll be allowed to finish, but at that rate we might as well not start.”
in dat geval

rate of exchange

the relative values of the currencies of two or more countries: “I want to change some dollars into francs †“ what is the rate of exchange?”
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to rate aanslaan (ww.) ; taxeren (ww.) ; waarderen (ww.) ; beoordelen (ww.)
the ratede ratio ; herleidingskoers (znw.) ; de houding (v) ; de evenredigheid (v) ; de besturing (v) ; de wisselkoers (m) ; de koers (m) ; het gedrag ; de rijrichting (v) ; de valuta ; de plan ; de snelheid (v) ; het tarief
rate prijs ; mate ; vergoeding per eenheid ; proportie ; verhouding ; deviezenkoers ; zinsnede ; graad ; wisselkoers ; rang ; maat in de zin van maatstaf ; stand ; status ; tarief ; begroten ; schatten ; gradering ; cijfer ; waarde ; graad in de zin van gradering ; ontlaadstroom ; gang ; maatstaf ; tempo ; verhoudingsgetal ; voet
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Uitdrukkingen en gezegdes
EN: at a (the) rate of NL: met een snelheid van NL: ten getale van
EN: at that rate NL: als dit uitgangspunt juist is
EN: at any rate NL: in ieder geval
EN: at an easy rate NL: gemakkelijk
EN: first rate NL: eerste klas, prima
EN: second rate NL: inferieur, pover

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