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1 movement forward; advance: “the progress of civilization.”

2 improvement: “The students are making (good) progress.”

1 to go forward: “We had progressed only a few miles when the car broke down.”

2 to improve: “Your French is progressing.”

pro'gressive (Bijvoeglijk naamwoord)

1 developing and advancing by stages: “a progressive illness.”

2 using, or favouring, new methods: “progressive education”

3 (grammar) (alsocontinuous) (of a verb tense or form) indicating an activity that is, was, or will be continuing at some period of time: “The progressive form of a verb is be + verb-ing (= be + present participle) (eg is working, was waiting, have been dancing).”
the progressive (tense) (alsothe continuous tense): “The sentence 'They were watching TV'. is in the progressive.”

pro'gressively (Bijwoord)

vooruitstrevend, hoe langer hoe meer

pro'gressiveness (Zelfstandig naamwoord)


in progress

happening; taking place: “There is a meeting in progress.”
aan de gang
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to progress verbeteren (ww.) ; beter worden (ww.) ; vooruitgang boeken (ww.) ; progressie maken (ww.) ; verloop (ww.) ; voortgang (ww.) ; vordering (ww.) ; ontwikkelingsgang (ww.) ; vorderen (ww.) ; vooruitkomen (ww.) ; verder komen (ww.) ; vlotten (ww.) ; vooruitgaan (ww.) ; verlopen (ww.) ; voortgaan (ww.) ; voortschrijden (ww.)
the progressde vooruitgang (m) ; de progressie (v)
progress beterschap ; verbetering ; opschieten ; veld winnen ; progress ; vooruitgang ; arbeidsproces
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