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1 in man, the part of the body from the neck to the bottom of the spine: “She lay on her back.”

2 in animals, the upper part of the body: “She put the saddle on the horse's back.”

3 that part of anything opposite to or furthest from the front: “the back of the house”

4 in football, hockey etc a player who plays behind the forwards.
of or at the back: “the back door.”

1 to, or at, the place or person from which a person or thing came: “I went back to the shop”

2 away (from something); not near (something): “Move back! Let the ambulance get to the injured man”

3 towards the back (of something): “Sit back in your chair.”

4 in return; in response to: “When the teacher is scolding you, don't answer back.”

5 to, or in, the past: “Think back to your childhood.”

1 to (cause to) move backwards: “He backed (his car) out of the garage.”

2 to help or support: “Will you back me against the others?”

3 to bet or gamble on: “I backed your horse to win.”
wedden op

'backer (Zelfstandig naamwoord)

a person who supports someone or something, especially with money: “the backer of the new theatre.”

'backbite (Werkwoord)

to criticize a person when he is not present.

'backbiting (Zelfstandig naamwoord)

: “Constant backbiting by her colleagues led to her resignation.”

'backbone (Zelfstandig naamwoord)

1 the spine: “the backbone of a fish.”

2 the chief support: “The older employees are the backbone of the industry.”

'backbreaking (Bijvoeglijk naamwoord)

(of a task etc) very difficult or requiring very hard work: “Digging the garden is a backbreaking job.”

ˌback'date (Werkwoord)

1 to put an earlier date on (a cheque etc): “He should have paid his bill last month and so he has backdated the cheque.”

2 to make payable from a date in the past: “Our rise in pay was backdated to April.”
met terugwerkende kracht laten ingaan

ˌback'fire (Werkwoord)

1 (of a motor-car etc) to make a loud bang because of unburnt gases in the exhaust system: “The car backfired.”

2 (of a plan etc) to have unexpected results, often opposite to the intended results: “His scheme backfired (on him), and he lost money.”

'background (Zelfstandig naamwoord)

1 the space behind the principal or most important figures or objects of a picture etc: “He always paints ships against a background of stormy skies”

2 happenings that go before, and help to explain, an event etc: “the background to a situation.”

3 a person's origins, education etc: “She was ashamed of her humble background.”

'backhand (Zelfstandig naamwoord)

1 in tennis etc, a stroke or shot with the back of one's hand turned towards the ball: “a clever backhand”

2 writing with the letters sloping backwards: “I can always recognize her backhand.”
achteroverhellend schrift
using backhand: “She played the stroke backhand”
back-hand, achteroverhellend

'backlog (Zelfstandig naamwoord)

a pile of uncompleted work etc which has collected: “a backlog of orders because of the strike.”

ˌback-'number (Zelfstandig naamwoord)

an out-of-date copy or issue of a magazine etc: “He collects back-numbers of comic magazines.”
oud nummer

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Overige bronnen
to back steunen (ww.) ; helpen (ww.) ; ondersteunen (ww.) ; bijstaan (ww.) ; assisteren (ww.) ; bijspringen (ww.) ; weldoen (ww.) ; seconderen (ww.) ; financieren (ww.) ; opkomen voor (ww.)
the backde leuning (v) ; de rugleuning (v) ; de rugzijde ; de achterkant (m) ; de achterzijde ; de back (m) ; de achterspeler (m) ; de rug (m) ; het achtereind ; het achterblad
back (bnw.) achterstallig (bnw.)
back weer ; opnieuw ; nogmaals ; wederom ; andermaal ; weerom ; terug ; achteruit ; achterwaarts ; naar achter ; naar achteren ; rugwaarts ; vroeger ; voorheen ; eertijds ; voormaals ; weder ; geleden ; dorsum ; hulpvrijloopvlak ; rugvlak ; achterzijde ; achterkant van een tegel ; krimpen ; rug ; ruggesteun ; tegenzijde ; achterkant ; onderkant ; tandhiel ; ronden ; onderplaat ; croupon met nek ; ommezijde ; rugstuk ; rugleuning ; onbetaald ; achteruitrijden ; zaagbladrug ; rugpand ; rugmarge ; rugwit ; bodemdeksel ; rugzijde ; achter
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Uitdrukkingen en gezegdes
EN: get, put someone's back up NL: iemand boos maken
EN: his back is up NL: hij is kwaad
EN: without a shirt to your back NL: zonder een hemd aan je lijf
EN: what is at (in) the back of your mind? NL: wat is de ondergrond van je gedachten?
EN: back and belly NL: kleren en de kost
EN: back to front NL: achterste voren
EN: as far back as 1850 NL: reeds in 1850
EN: back and forth NL: heen en weer
EN: back up NL: steunen
EN: back out NL: terugkrabbelen NL: z. rugwaarts verwijderen

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