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7296 synoniemen met een `F`

facsimile (2x)
facsimile machine (4x)
fact (4x)
fact mood (8x)
fact-finding (3x)
faction (19x)
factious (3x)
factitious (2x)
factoid (2x)
factor (2x)
factor analyse (3x)
factor analysis (1x)
factor analytic (2x)
factor analytical (2x)
factor analyze (3x)
factor i (4x)
factor ii (4x)
factor iii (5x)
factor in (9x)
factor iv (7x)
factor ix (4x)
factor of proportionality (3x)
factor of safety (2x)
factor out (9x)
factor v (6x)
factor vii (6x)
factor viii (8x)
factor x (4x)
factor xi (4x)
factor xii (4x)
factor xiii (4x)
factorial (2x)
factoring (4x)
factorisation (4x)
factorise (3x)
factorization (4x)
factorize (3x)
factory (6x)
factory farm (5x)
factory manager (1x)
factory price (3x)
factory ship (2x)
factory whistle (1x)
factory worker (4x)
factory-made (6x)
factory-tailored (1x)
factory-tailored clothing (1x)
factotum (2x)
facts of life (7x)
factual (16x)