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1 to buy back (something that has been pawned): “I'm going to redeem my gold watch.”

2 to set (a person) free by paying a ransom; (of Jesus Christ) to free (a person) from sin.
vrijkopen, verlossen

3 to compensate for or cancel out the faults of: “His willingness to work redeemed him in her eyes.”
aanvaardbaar maken

Re'deemer (Zelfstandig naamwoord)

(often withthe) Jesus Christ.

redemption (Zelfstandig naamwoord)

: “the redemption of man by Christ.”

past/beyond redemption

too bad to be redeemed or improved.
reddeloos verloren

redeeming feature

a good quality that somewhat makes up for the bad qualities in a person or thing.
goede eigenschap
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to redeem herstellen (ww.) ; in orde maken (ww.) ; in orde brengen (ww.) ; verlossen (ww.) ; ontzetten (ww.) ; bevrijden van belegeraars (ww.) ; aflossen (ww.) ; inlossen (ww.) ; goedmaken (ww.) ; afbetalen (ww.) ; vrijkopen (ww.) ; loskopen (ww.) ; losgeld betalen (ww.) ; terugkopen (ww.)
redeem afkopen ; delgen

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