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1 to remove (an organ of the body) and put it into another person or animal: “Doctors are able to transplant kidneys.”

2 to remove (skin) and put it on another part of the body.

3 to plant in another place: “We transplanted the rose-bush (into the back garden).”

1 an operation in which an organ or skin is transplanted: “He had to have a kidney transplant.”

2 an organ, skin, or a plant that is transplanted: “The transplant was rejected by the surrounding tissue.”
getransplanteerd orgaan/weegsel
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to transplant overplanten (ww.) ; verpoten (ww.) ; transplanteren (ww.) ; verplanten (ww.)
transplant verspeende plant ; plantgoed
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EN: animal tissue
EN: graft
EN: transplanting

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