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1 vehicles, aircraft, ships etc moving about: “There's a lot of traffic on the roads / on the river.”

2 trade, especially illegal or dishonest: “the drug traffic.”
zwarte handel
to deal or trade in, especially illegally or dishonestly: “They were trafficking in smuggled goods.”
zwarte handel drijven

'trafficker (Zelfstandig naamwoord)

a usually illegal or dishonest dealer: “a trafficker in drugs.”

traffic island

a small pavement in the middle of a road, for pedestrians to stand on on their way across.

traffic jam

a situation in which large numbers of road vehicles are prevented from proceeding freely.

traffic lights

lights of changing colours for controlling traffic at road crossings etc: “Turn left at the traffic lights.”

traffic warden


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Overige bronnen
to traffic handel drijven (ww.)
the traffichet verkeer
traffic circulatie ; omloop ; roulatie ; passage

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