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1 a set of clothes usually all of the same cloth etc, made to be worn together, eg a jacket, trousers (and waistcoat) for a man, or a jacket and skirt or trousers for a woman.

2 a piece of clothing for a particular purpose: “a bathing-suit / diving-suit.”

3 a case in a law court: “He won/lost his suit.”

4 an old word for a formal request, eg a proposal of marriage to a lady.

5 one of the four sets of playing-cards †“ spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs.

1 to satisfy the needs of, or be convenient for: “The arrangements did not suit us”

2 (of clothes, styles, fashions etc) to be right or appropriate for: “Long hair suits her”
passen bij

3 to adjust or make appropriate or suitable: “He suited his speech to his audience.”

'suited (Bijvoeglijk naamwoord)

(negativeunsuited) fitted, or appropriate (to or for): “I don't think he's suited to/for this work.”

'suitor (Zelfstandig naamwoord)

an old word for a man who tries to gain the love of a woman.

'suitcase (Zelfstandig naamwoord)

a case with flat sides for clothes etc, used by a person when travelling: “He hastily packed his (clothes in his) suitcase.”

follow suit

to do just as someone else has done: “He went to bed and I followed suit.”
het voorbeeld volgen

suit down to the ground

(of eg an arrangement, fashion etc) to suit (a person) completely: “The dress suits her down to the ground.”
geknipt zijn voor

suit oneself

to do what one wants to do.
doen wat men wil
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to suit staan (ww.) ; passen (ww.) ; uitkomen (ww.) ; geschikt zijn (ww.) ; deugen (ww.) ; passend zijn (ww.) ; conveniëren (ww.) ; schikken (ww.) ; gelegen komen (ww.) ; bevallen (ww.) ; gelieven (ww.) ; plezieren (ww.) ; aanstaan (ww.) ; behagen (ww.) ; aangenaam aandoen (ww.) ; pak (ww.) ; kostuum (ww.) ; maatpak (ww.) ; zich aanpassen (ww.) ; zich schikken (ww.) ; zich voegen naar (ww.) ; colbertkostuum (ww.)
suit mantelpak ; tailleur ; aanpassen ; complet ; set ; stel ; stelletje ; betamen ; voegen ; dracht ; gewaad ; duikpak ; duikerpak
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Uitdrukkingen en gezegdes
EN: follow suit NL: kleur bekennen
EN: long (short) suit NL: lange (korte) kleur NL: suit of clothes=suit I 1
EN: suit of armour NL: wapenrusting
EN: suit of harness NL: tuig (van paard)
EN: the part doesn't suit him NL: de rol ligt hem niet
EN: suit the action to the word NL: de daad bij het woord voegen

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