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1 one movement of the foot in walking, running, dancing etc: “He took a step forward”

2 the distance covered by this: “He moved a step or two nearer”

3 the sound made by someone walking etc: “I heard (foot) steps.”

4 a particular movement with the feet, eg in dancing: “The dance has some complicated steps.”

5 a flat surface, or one flat surface in a series, eg on a stair or stepladder, on which to place the feet or foot in moving up or down: “A flight of steps led down to the cellar”

6 a stage in progress, development etc: “Mankind made a big step forward with the invention of the wheel”

7 an action or move (towards accomplishing an aim etc): “That would be a foolish/sensible step to take”
to make a step, or to walk: “He opened the door and stepped out”

steps (noun plural)

a stepladder: “May I borrow your steps?”

'stepladder (Zelfstandig naamwoord)

a ladder with a hinged support at the back and flat steps, not rungs.

'stepping-stones (noun plural)

large stones placed in a shallow stream etc, on which a person can step when crossing.


(of two or more people walking together) with, without the same foot going forward at the same time: “to march in step”

step aside

to move to one side: “He stepped aside to let me pass.”
opzij stappen

step by step

gradually: “He improved step by step.”

step in

to intervene: “The children began to quarrel, and I thought it was time I stepped in.”
tussenbeide komen

step out

to walk with a long(er) and (more) energetic stride.

step up

to increase: “The firm must step up production.”

watch one's step

to be careful, especially over one's own behaviour.
voorzichtig zijn
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Overige bronnen
to step pas (ww.) ; stap (ww.) ; schrede (ww.) ; tred (ww.) ; treden (ww.) ; trappen (ww.) ; schoppen (ww.) ; trappen geven (ww.) ; tree (ww.) ; traptrede (ww.) ; opstap (ww.) ; step (ww.) ; autoped (ww.) ; stappen (ww.)
the stepde trede
Step (Afkorting) Step (Afkorting)
step nis ; kraagblok ; stadium ; versnijding ; vertanding ; zettingscheur ; handeling ; fundatie ; zendstap ; lopen ; schrijden ; salaristrap ; voetstap ; opstapje ; treeplank ; trapsgewijze verspringing ; traptrede ; ruimte tussen twee opvolgende versnellingen ; trap ; trede ; increment ; amelies ; woelst
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Uitdrukkingen en gezegdes
EN: steps NL: stoep
EN: =pair of steps, flight of steps NL: trap NL: stoep, bordes
EN: step by step NL: stap voor stap
EN: fall into step NL: in de pas gaan lopen
EN: false step NL: verkeerde, domme maatregel
EN: get one's step(s) NL: promotie maken
EN: in step NL: in de pas
EN: keep step NL: in de pas blijven
EN: keep step to NL: lopen op (de maat v.)
EN: keep (in) step with NL: gelijke tred houden met
EN: make, take a step NL: een stap doen
EN: out of step NL: uit de pas
EN: turn one's steps to NL: zijn schreden richten naar
EN: watch one's steps NL: voorzichtig (behoedzaam) te werk gaan
EN: step it NL:

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