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Vertalingen pave EN>NL
to cover (a street, path etc) with (usually large) flat stones, concrete etc to make a flat surface for walking on etc: “He wants to pave the garden.”

'pavement (Zelfstandig naamwoord)

(American'sidewalk) a paved surface, especially a paved footpath along the sides of a road for people to walk on.

'paving-stone (Zelfstandig naamwoord)

a large flat stone or piece of concrete used for paving.
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Overige bronnen
to pave bestraten (ww.) ; plaveien (ww.)
PAVE (Afkorting) PAVE (Afkorting) ; PCTE EN VNS-omgeving
pavé ruit
Bronnen: interglot; Download IATE, European Union, 2017.

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EN: pave the way NL: de weg banen

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