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1 the power to remember things: “a good memory for details.”

2 the mind's store of remembered things: “Her memory is full of interesting stories.”

3 something remembered: “memories of her childhood.”

4 the time as far back as can be remembered: “the greatest fire in memory.”

5 a part of computer in which information is stored for immediate use; a computer with 8 megabytes of memory

'memorize (Werkwoord)

to learn (something) so well that one can remember all of it without looking: “She memorized the directions.”
uit het hoofd leren

from memory

by remembering; without using a book etc for reference: “He said the whole poem from memory.”
uit het hoofd

in memory of / to the memory of

as a reminder or memorial of: “They built a monument in memory of their dead leader.”
ter nagedachtenis aan
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Overige bronnen
the memoryhet herinneringsvermogen ; geheugenis (znw.) ; de memorie (v) ; het geheugen ; de herinnering (v) ; de heugenis (v)
memory geheugen van microprocessor ; geheugen ; opslagapparaat ; opslaggeheugen ; opslagorgaan ; aandenken ; gedachtenis ; computergeheugen
Bronnen: interglot; Wakefield genealogy pages; Autowoordenboek; Download IATE, European Union, 2017.; Vlietstra

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EN: recall
EN: remembrance
EN: reminiscence
EN: internal representation
EN: mental representation
EN: representation
EN: memorandum

Uitdrukkingen en gezegdes
EN: quote from memory NL: uit het hoofd citeren
EN: within living memory NL: sedert mensenheugenis
EN: in (to the) memory of NL: ter gedachtenis aan
EN: commit to memory NL: v. buiten leren
EN: to the best of my memory NL: zo goed als ik mij kan herinneren

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