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1 the quality belonging to plants and animals which distinguishes them from rocks, minerals etc and things which are dead: “Doctors are fighting to save the child's life.”

2 the period between birth and death: “He had a long and happy life.”

3 liveliness: “She was full of life and energy.”

4 a manner of living: “She lived a life of ease and idleness.”

5 the period during which any particular state exists: “He had many different jobs during his working life.”

6 living things: “It is now believed that there may be life on Mars”

7 the story of a life: “He has written a life of Churchill.”

8 life imprisonment: “He was given life for murder.”

'lifeless (Bijvoeglijk naamwoord)

1 dead: “a lifeless body.”

2 not lively; uninteresting: “The actress gave a lifeless performance.”

'lifelike (Bijvoeglijk naamwoord)

like a living person, animal etc: “The statue was very lifelike”

life-and-'death (Bijvoeglijk naamwoord)

serious and deciding between life and death: “a life-and-death struggle.”
van levensbelang, op leven en dood

'lifebelt (Zelfstandig naamwoord)

a ring or belt filled with air or made of a material which floats, for keeping a person afloat.

'lifeboat (Zelfstandig naamwoord)

a boat for saving shipwrecked people.

'lifebuoy (Zelfstandig naamwoord)

a buoy intended to support a person in the water till he can be rescued.

'life-cycle (Zelfstandig naamwoord)

the various stages through which a living thing passes: “the life-cycle of the snail.”

life expectancy

the (average) length of time a person can expect to live.

'lifeguard (Zelfstandig naamwoord)

a person employed to protect and rescue swimmers at a swimming-pool, beach etc.

'life-jacket (Zelfstandig naamwoord)

a sleeveless jacket filled with material that will float, for keeping a person afloat.

'lifeline (Zelfstandig naamwoord)

a rope for support in dangerous operations or thrown to rescue a drowning person.

'lifelong (Bijvoeglijk naamwoord)

lasting the whole length of a life: “a lifelong friendship.”

'life-saving (Zelfstandig naamwoord)

the act or skill of rescuing people from drowning: “The boy is being taught life-saving.”
het redden

'life-size(d) (Bijvoeglijk naamwoord)

(of a copy, drawing etc) as large as the original: “a life-sized statue.”

'lifetime (Zelfstandig naamwoord)

the period of a person's life: “He saw many changes in his lifetime.”

as large as life

in person; actually: “I went to the party and there was John as large as life.”
in levende lijve

bring to life

to make lively or interesting: “His lectures really brought the subject to life.”
tot leven brengen

come to life

to become lively or interesting: “The play did not come to life until the last act.”
tot leven komen

for life

until death: “They became friends for life.”
voor het leven

the life and soul of the party

a person who is very active, enthusiastic, amusing etc© K Dictionaries Ltd.

Overige bronnen
the lifehet aanzijn ; het zijn ; het bestaan ; het leven ; de existentie (v) ; de levensduur (m) ; de duurzaamheid (v) ; de bestendigheid (v) ; het leventje ; het levensproces
LIFE (Afkorting) Language Industry for Europe ; Life (Afkorting)
life activiteitsduur ; brandduur ; gebruiksduur ; standtijd ; levensduur ; hachje
Bronnen: Wikipedia; interglot; Download IATE, European Union, 2017.; Vlietstra; Wakefield genealogy pages

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Uitdrukkingen en gezegdes
EN: my life NL: lieveling!
EN: for dear life NL: dringend, in ernst
EN: high life NL: de aristocratie
EN: as large as life NL: levensgroot NL: in levenden lijve
EN: have the time of one's life NL: z. reusachtig amuseren
EN: lease of life NL: levensperiode
EN: a cat has nine lives NL: 'n kat is taai
EN: each player has two lives NL: iedere speler heeft twee kansen
EN: this life NL: dit (aardse) leven
EN: long life to him! NL: hij leve lang!
EN: he took his life in his hands NL: hij waagde zijn leven
EN: not for the life of me NL: dat nooit!
EN: drawn from (the) life NL: naar het leven getekend
EN: sound in life and limb NL: gezond van lijf en leden
EN: on, upon my life NL: op m'n woord
EN: a description to the life NL: beschrijving naar het leven
EN: she was brought to life NL: ze werd weer bijgebracht
EN: see life NL: levenservaring opdoen

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