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1 time allowed for payment of goods etc after they have been received: “We don't give credit at this shop.”

2 money loaned (by a bank).

3 trustworthiness regarding ability to pay for goods etc: “Your credit is good.”

4 (an entry on) the side of an account on which payments received are entered: “Our credits are greater than our debits.”

5 the sum of money which someone has in an account at a bank: “Your credit amounts to 2,014 dollars.”

6 belief or trust: “This theory is gaining credit.”

7 (American) a certificate to show that a student has completed a course which counts towards his degree.

1 to enter (a sum of money) on the credit side (of an account): “This cheque was credited to your account last month.”

2 (withwith) to think of (a person or thing) as having: “He was credited with magical powers.”
toeschrijven aan

3 to believe (something) to be possible: “Well, would you credit that!”

'creditable (Bijvoeglijk naamwoord)

bringing honour or respect: “creditable effort.”

'creditably (Bijwoord)


'creditor (Zelfstandig naamwoord)

a person to whom a debt is owed.

'credits (noun plural)

the list of names of the actors, producer, director etc given at the beginning or end of a film.

credit card

a card which allows the holder to buy goods etc on credit: “to pay by credit card.”

be a credit to (someone)

to bring honour or respect to (someone or something): “Your son is a credit to his school”

give (someone) credit (for something)

to acknowledge and praise (someone for a good piece of work etc): “He was given credit for completing the work so quickly.”

on credit

payment being made after the date of sale: “Do you sell goods on credit?”
op krediet

take (the) credit (for something)

to accept the praise given (for something): “I did all the work, and he took all the credit.”
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Overige bronnen
to credit credit (ww.) ; krediet (ww.) ; eer bewijzen (ww.) ; crediteren (ww.) ; geloof hechten aan (ww.) ; geloven (ww.)
credit studiepunt ; creditzijde ; tegoed ; batig ; voordelig

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EN: acknowledgment
EN: appreciation
EN: gratitude
EN: respect
EN: thanks
EN: approval
EN: commendation
EN: recognition
EN: confidence

Uitdrukkingen en gezegdes
EN: be credit to, do credit to NL: tot eer strekken
EN: give a person credit for ... NL: de eer geven NL: denken dat iemand ... is NL: crediteren
EN: take credit for NL: het z. als een verdienste aanrekenen
EN: credit a person with ...=give a person credit for ... NL:

Er zijn 85 zinnen met `credit` gevonden
  1. EN: Your credit card information will be sent directly to the reserved hotel
    NL: Gegevens van Uw kredietkaart worden direct naar Uw hotel gestuurd
  2. EN: We will not charge your credit card, as you will pay for your stay at the hotel
    NL: Wij trekken geen andere kosten van Uw kredietkaart af, omdat U betaalt alleen het hotelverblijf
  3. EN: I'm about to run out of credit
    NL: mijn tegoed is bijna op
  4. EN: can I take your credit card number?
    NL: mag ik uw creditcardnummer?
  5. EN: l'm sorry, Mr. Wong, your credit card\r has been reported stolen.
    NL: Het spijt me, Mr Wong,\r uw creditcard is gestolen opgegeven.
  6. EN: Your credit card number will not be saved in the site’s sales history, which is an additional safeguard
    NL: Het creditcardnummer wordt niet bewaard in het verkoopoverzicht, hetgeen nog een extra beveiliging vormt
  7. EN: you will get a credit note
    NL: u krijgt een tegoedbon
  8. EN: Prepaid credits
    NL: Prepaid tegoeden
  9. EN: Bought with a fraudulent credit card.
    NL: Gekocht met een valse creditcard.
  10. EN: building credit
    NL: bouwkrediet
  11. EN: building credit
    NL: bouwkrediet
  12. EN: Nomination as preferred creditor
    NL: crediteurbegunstiging
  13. EN: Tax credit for the occupationally handicapped
    NL: arbeidsgehandicaptekorting
  14. EN: Quote prices, credit or contracts terms, warranties, delivery dates and other bid specifications, and prepare sales contracts for orders obtained.
    NL: Maakt een offerte (prijs, krediet- of contractvoorwaarden, garanties, leveringsdata etc.) en maakt verkoopcontracten voor verkregen orders.
  15. EN: Tabulate and total sales bills, and receive and process cash or credit payments.
    NL: Maakt bonnen of facturen en rekent af (contant, pin, creditcard).
  16. EN: Can I pay a credit card?
    NL: Kan ik met een creditcard betalen?
  17. EN: I'm calling because I've lost my credit card.
    NL: Ik bel om te zeggen dat ik mijn kredietkaart verloren heb.
  18. EN: Tom doesn't have a credit card.
    NL: Tom heeft geen kredietkaart.
  19. EN: Do you accept credit cards?
    NL: Kan ik met creditcard betalen?
  20. EN: Can I use a credit card or do you prefer cash?
    NL: Kan ik met een creditkaart betalen of heeft u liever contant?
  21. EN: Give me some credit!\r It takes a sophisticated eye
    NL: Geef me wat waardering.\r Er is een kundig oog nodig
  22. EN: All my money, all my credit cards.\r Everything....
    NL: Al mijn geld.\r Al mijn creditcards.
  23. EN: Carnegie had received little formal schooling and credited his education to his love of books
    NL: Hoewel Carnegie vrijwel geen opleiding had genoten was hij toch een belezen man vanwege zijn passie voor boeken
  24. EN: Ensures that online payment with your Mastercard creditcard is secure and safe through Multisafepay
    NL: Zorgt ervoor dat je met je creditcard veilig online betalingen kunt verrichten via Multisafepay
  25. EN: Ensures that online payment with your Visa creditcard is secure and safe through Multisafepay
    NL: Zorgt ervoor dat je met je Visa creditcard veilig online betalingen kunt verrichten via Multisafepay

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